COTI’s next clinical candidate to target KRAS

Critical Outcome Technologies (OTCQB:COTQF; TSX-V:COT) has revealed that its next clinical candidate is COTI-219, a novel oral small molecule compound targeting the mutant forms of KRAS.

KRAS mutations occur in a large number of cancers and represent a tremendous unmet clinical need, making for a highly desirable drug target, Alison Silva, president, said in a statement.

These mutations are detected in up to one-fourth of all human cancers, particularly lung, colorectal, pancreatic, and thyroid, she added. Selectively targeting the mutant forms of KRAS without inhibiting wild type KRAS function has been the focus of intense research for over two decades, with limited success.

“It is therefore very exciting that COTI-219, which is designed to be selective against the mutant form of KRAS, is shown to be efficacious in multiple pre-clinical tumor model systems,” Ms. Silva said.

“The data from these pre-clinical studies is very promising and the fact they were largely generated by our world-renowned collaborators at prestigious cancer centers in the U.S. gives us added confidence in the robustness and validity of the results,” she added.

Ms. Silva said the company is planning to file an IND for COTI-219 in late 2017.

COTI-219 was discovered using the company's proprietary drug discovery technology platform, CHEMSAS.