Journal publishes tissue regeneration properties of Ortho RTi implants


Ortho Regenerative Technologies (CSE:ORTH) announced that a peer-reviewed article detailing the tissue regeneration properties of its implants was published in the current issue of Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.

The article is entitled, “[Ortho-R] Implants to Promote Tissue Regeneration: In Vitro Properties, In Vivo Residence, Degradation, Cell Recruitment and Vascularization.”

In a statement, executive chairman and CEO, Dr. Brent Norton, said this is the fourth peer-reviewed article in just the last few months.

“As such, we are very encouraged by the scientific validation of these publications and by the testing so far of Ortho-R implants in preclinical cartilage, meniscus and rotator cuff repair models,” he added.

Dr. Norton said the company expects that repair outcomes will be significantly improved as compared to current clinical treatments.

According to the article, “Freeze-dried chitosan formulations can be solubilized in plate-rich plasma (PRP) to form injectable coagulating biodegradable and biocompatible implants for tissue repair applications.”

The properties of the Ortho-R implants can be modulated by selecting the chitosan molar mass, chitosan concentration and lyoprotectant concentration in the freeze-dried cakes.

“Unlike PRP alone, these [Ortho-R] implants are physically stable and persist in vivo so that they are expected to significantly prolong bioactivity for tissue repair,” the article said. “Future indications for [Ortho-R] implants include meniscus repair, cartilage repair and rotator cuff repair.”

An abstract of the article can be accessed here