Ortho RTi gets European patent allowance protecting Ortho-R technology


Ortho Regenerative Technologies (CSE:ORTH) has received a notice of allowance from the European Patent Office that when issued, will provide intellectual property protection for the composition of matter of its Ortho-R implants for the biologic repair of tissue.

The patent is entitled, “Novel Formulation of Physiological Chitosan-Inorganic Salt Solution/Blood Mixtures for Tissue Repair.”

In a statement, executive chairman and CEO, Dr. Brent Norton, said the notice of allowance is from the second series of patent applications that the company has made to cover its propriety biopolymer platform around the globe.

“As awareness and acceptance of the promise that Ortho-R holds for improving the repair of three distinct joint tissues - the rotator cuff tendons, the meniscus and articular cartilage – it is important to ensure that the potential market opportunities these represent are well protected,” he added.

To that end, he said the company’s expanding intellectual property estate should ensure that Ortho RTi’s game-changing technology has long-term market exclusivity.