GeneNews introducing diagnostics to NueHealth physicians

GeneNews (TSX:GEN) has begun the process of introducing its portfolio of early cancer diagnostic tests to physicians in NeuHealth’s nationwide system of integrated physician networks (IPNs).

GeneNews’ partnership with NueHealth, announced in September 2016, is the first agreement from the company’s collaboration with JTS Health Partners (JTS).

Under the agreement, NueHealth doctors will immediately be able to take advantage of three different GeneNews screening tests – ColonSentry, earlyCDTLung and Prostate Health Index – which provide early risk stratification of colorectal cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer, respectively. 

All three screenings utilize a quick and convenient blood test where the sample will be drawn at one of NueHealth's many provider-owned care centers, and then sent to GeneNews’s IDL lab in Richmond, VA for analysis.

“With NueHealth, we have identified multiple starting points, which include physicians within the IPNs as well as self-funded employers,” GeneNews chairman and CEO, James Howard-Tripp, said in a statement.

Two early-adopter sites in Pennsylvania have been selected for training and process validation, and “we expect initial on-boarding to be completed in the coming weeks,” he added.  “At the same time, we are preparing to expand the program to the identified additional groups."

Mr. Howard-Tripp said GeneNews and JTS are in discussions with multiple, large healthcare systems about adoption of GeneNews' blood-based, early cancer screening diagnostics into their hospitals, integrated physician networks and employee bases.

“The use of convenient, blood-based tests to improve patient compliance, as well as allow for risk stratification of patients to improve health outcomes and optimal utilization of resources, is a solution to one of the pressing healthcare problems of today: how to encourage the patient to comply with early screening," he added.

Under GeneNews’ new business model, diagnostics services are provided by IDL via a flat-fee model, with responsibility for the management of patient billing resting with the client organization within its value-based healthcare solution model.