GeneNews resolves TSX, OSC issues

GeneNews (TSX:GEN), by raising additional financings via a series of transactions over the past few weeks, and filing its full year 2015 and 2016 first quarter results, has successfully resolved both the Toronto Stock Exchange continued listing review and the management cease trade order granted by the Ontario Securities Commission in March.

“The last six-to-12 months have been a challenging time for both the company and its shareholders,” executive chairman, James Howard-Tripp, said in a statement.

Over that time, GeneNews has bought out its partners in Innovative Diagnostics Laboratory, reorganized operations and cut costs, raised additional financing and, with a new business model and partner in JTS Health Partners, can now put its full effort behind building the business, he added.

“We are focused on providing diagnostic services to hospitals, clinically integrated networks, large physician groups and other healthcare organizations, so that our blood-based, early cancer diagnostic tests aid in the risk stratification of patients and those with highest risk are prioritized for advanced diagnosis and, if needed, treatment,” Mr. Howard-Tripp said.