Profound Medical expands use of TULSA-PRO to BPH


Profound Medical (OTCQX:PRFMF; TSXV:PRN) announced that benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) treatments utilizing TULSA-PRO are now being successfully conducted in Germany.

BPH is a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland due to an overgrowth of prostate cells. It is a common condition as men age, often impeding the flow of urine and creating significant urinary symptoms.

TULSA-PRO may present a promising treatment of BPH, as it enables incision-free and targeted ablation of excessive prostate tissue by providing real-time MRI visualization as well as millimeter precision.

ALTA Klinik in Bielefeld, Germany has begun treating BPH patients with TULSA-PRO under the supervision of Dr. Agron Lumiani, a leading German radiologist and an early adopter of MRI diagnostics and biopsy for prostate disease.

“Our early clinical experience with TULSA-PRO for focal therapy in prostate cancer has been very positive,” Dr. Lumiani said in a statement.  “We have been able to achieve precise ablation with the TULSA procedure. What is truly encouraging is the patient quality of life outcomes in erectile and urinary function.”

Dr. Lumiani said current surgical treatment of BPH still presents with potential complications and a longer recovery time for patients. “In our first few BPH patients undergoing treatment with TULSA-PRO, our procedure goals of reduction of prostate tissue with preservation of peripheral zone and the ejaculatory duct have been successfully achieved. I was pleased to see us being able to treat prostates as large as 122cc. Early patient follow-ups look promising.”

The Medical Imaging Center at Turku University Hospital in Finland, will soon be enrolling the first BPH patient in the center’s ongoing clinical research with TULSA-PRO.

“As is often the case with innovative new medical technology platforms like Profound’s, the targeting of additional unmet needs of patients in various anatomies and disease states will be largely driven by its current clinician users,” said Arun Menawat, Profound’s CEO. 

“We are grateful to our customers, like ALTA and Turku, for helping to lead the expanded clinical use of the TULSA-PRO system, offering patients a one-time, precise, minimally invasive alternative to existing prostate care therapies,” he added.