Avivagen undertakes human health proof of concept

Avivagen (TSX-V:VIV), with the help of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), will undertake a project to establish proof of concept for a first human health application of its OxC-beta technology.

The project will evaluate the efficacy of OxC-beta technology in an established research model of an infectious disease of humans. Work will be conducted by NRC experts at its facilities based on a jointly developed protocol and is expected to be completed in 2017.

In a statement, Dr. James Nickerson, Avivagen's director of product validation, said first potential human application could be as a preventative intervention or as part of a therapeutic regimen.

“OxC-beta has demonstrated safety and effectiveness across more than a dozen livestock trials and those results lead us to believe that it will also prove to be important to human health and well-being,” he added. “The results of this project should help to provide such evidence."

Avivagen is not disclosing the specific disease target at this time to help ensure the patentability of this potential new application for OxC-beta technology. The disease target is one of the top 18 urgent, serious or concerning drug-resistance threats listed by the CDC.

Avivagen intends to summarize the results of the project following its completion and after the filing of any patent application supported by a positive proof of concept.