Ortho RTi presents 4 studies at ORS meeting

Ortho Regenerative Technologies presented results of four key scientific studies at the 2017 Orthopaedic Research Society annual meeting in San Diego, validating its product's ability to improve the repair of three distinct joint tissues: rotator cuff tendons, the meniscus and articular cartilage.

In the first presentation, researchers found that Ortho-R implants in conjunction with transosseous suturing improved histological structure at the supraspinatus tendons insertion site, compared with suturing alone, to improve rotator cuff repair.

The second presentation offered study findings that Ortho-R implants showed superior regenerative effect over wrapping the meniscus with a collagen membrane or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) alone, indicating that Ortho-R implants have the potential to overcome some of the current limitations of meniscus repair.

The third presentation concluded that augmentation by Ortho-R implants improved the highly variable and less than adequate repair elicited by bone marrow stimulation augmented with PRP, especially in challenging and hard to treat sites.

A fourth presentation highlighted scientific results related to how various surgical procedures in the knee joint may lead to changes in meniscus inter-tie coil morphology, affecting peripheral pain. 

"We believe that increasing researcher and clinician awareness of our proprietary biopolymer platform through our participation in important scientific meetings like ORS will go a long way towards advancing the technology's development and eventual product adoption," Dr. Michael Buschmann, CSO of Ortho RTi, said in a statement.

"This type of third-party scientific validation, where four of our studies were reviewed by external experts and selected for broad exposure at this, the most important event of its kind worldwide, is incredibly energizing,” he added.