Implandata EYEMATE receives CE Mark

Closely held Implandata Ophthalmic Products of Germany has received CE Mark for its EYEMATE system, making it available for commercial use within the EU.

The EYEMATE system provides intraocular pressure (IOP) readings throughout the day, compared with the current method of in-office measurements several times each year.

The EYEMATE system includes a permanent implantable micro-sensor, which can be implanted during cataract, glaucoma or corneal surgeries as well as in standalone procedures for direct measurement of eye pressure.

A patient hand-held device for sensor powering and data read-out is designed to communicate real-time readings via the Internet with eye care doctors and patients. These measurements can be obtained at home or at work.

As a result, glaucoma medications can be tailored to a patient’s specific need. As the EYEMATE system also provides a direct feedback to the patient in a home setting - information previously unavailable with standard methods - patient therapy adherence is improved, which was demonstrated in premarket studies.

The current EYEMATE system version is CE marked for use with primary open angle glaucoma patients. Implandata is also working on other versions to be used in other glaucoma situations.

In a statement, Prof. Robert Weinreb, director of the Shiley Eye Institute at the University San Diego, and Implandata’s scientific advisor, said 24-hour monitoring of intraocular pressure with an implantable sensor is “transformative for management of glaucoma patients as it provides a plethora of data and deeper insight for enhanced management of their disease.”