IntelGenx gets U.S. patent allowance for oral films

IntelGenx (OTCQX:IGXT; TSXV:IGX;) has received a notice of allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a patent application entitled, “Solid oral film dosage forms and methods for making same.”

The platform patent discloses oral film dosage forms designed for immediate or sustained release of an active ingredient to the buccal and/or sublingual mucosa and will protect several of IntelGenx’s oral film products.

IntelGenx’ new patented oral film technology allows the instant hydration and complete disintegration of a film in the oral cavity, potentially enabling the active ingredient to become immediately available for enhanced buccal and/or sublingual absorption. In addition, the novel oral film dosage form is applicable for reduced absorption through the gastrointestinal route.

IntelGenx’ improved delivery systems for solubilizing and stabilizing pharmaceutically active ingredients exhibit enhanced stability derived from the use of a combination of crystallization inhibitors, which together can maintain the active ingredient in a desired plurality of particles in an effective size range within a polymeric film matrix.

The oral dosage form technology patent has broad applicability in film formulation and could be applicable to several current and future projects.

“Our rapidly expanding intellectual property portfolio ensures long-term market exclusivity of our products, which is critically important to IntelGenx’ business success,” Horst Zerbe, CEO, said in a statement.

“We currently have several additional patent applications pending at the USPTO in relation to oral dosage forms and their method of manufacture, and expect to file for additional patent protection as our research and development continues,” he added.

The granting of this Orange Book eligible U.S. patent will further enhance the intellectual property protection for IntelGenx film products.