CHF Solutions in collaboration with NI Medical on fluid overload


CHF Solutions (NASDAQ:CHFS) and NI Medical are collaborating to explore potential clinical synergies between CHF’s Aquadex FlexFlow System and NI Medical’s NICaS Hemodynamic Navigator to assess patient’s fluid volume status and assist by informing on the management of a fluid overloaded patient.


The two companies intend to evaluate the potential benefits of utilizing the cardiovascular, respiratory and fluid diagnostic parameters from NI Medical’s NICaS Hemodynamic Navigator to better understand fluid volume and hemodynamic parameters in patients during an ultrafiltration procedure using the Aquadex FlexFlow System.

“We believe that the collaboration with NI Medical allows us to assess the technology and provide a potential option to physicians to improve the treatment of patients with fluid overload when diuretics have failed,” John Erb, chairman and CEO of CHF, said in a statement.

Melane LaBelle Sampson