Micromedic’s CellDetect detects prostate cancer cells in urine


Micromedic Technologies (TASE: MCTC) announced successful results of a clinical study designed to detect prostate cancer cells in urine specimens using its CellDetect technology.

The study included 59 urine samples (28 positive prostate cancer patients and 31 healthy subjects) that were collected and examined by a cytopathologist using the CellDetect unique color marker. Of the 59 samples tested, 80% of the samples received a definite diagnosis. The results of the positive prostate cancer patients were compared with biopsy results that these patients had undergone prior to the clinical study.

The study results demonstrated that Micromedic's product successfully detected prostate cancer cells in urine samples, in a high sensitivity of 91.3% and specificity of 75%.

“With these clinical study results, we are confident that our product has the potential to transform prostate cancer diagnostics, offering patients a non-invasive, accurate and reliable test, and one that could improve the healthcare system through considerable cost savings," Guy Lerner, CEO, said in a statement

He said the successful study results are considered breakthrough in the development and commercialization of Micromedic's product as a simple and accurate diagnostic test, compared with the current used tests.

Prof. Dan Leibowitz, the study principal investigator and the head of the urology department at Kaplan Medical Center in Israel, said the results of the trial are very important for demonstrating the use of the Micromedic's product as a “reliable diagnostic tool that will help in determining whether and when to perform a prostate biopsy or if such prostate biopsy can be avoided."