DarioHealth glucose monitor in pact for pharma clinical study


DarioHealth (NASDAQ:DRIO) has entered into an agreement with a pharmaceutical company conducting a clinical study for a new drug related to managing diabetes that will use DarioHealth to run and track blood glucose readings of participants in the study.

DarioHealth's B2B platform aims to increase user engagement during the course of the clinical study and will leverage key elements from its direct-to-consumer operations, including allowing the participants to log their blood glucose readings in real-time in the Dario logbook and utilize features like reminders and statistics.

"Our Dario all-in-one platform was selected because of its ability to help patients in all aspects of managing diabetes with stronger user engagement, and real-time access to results," Erez Raphael, chairman and CEO of DarioHealth, said in a statement.

"This move into clinical studies and clinician practices shows the adoption of our products and solutions going beyond the scope of just the consumer," he added.

Mr. Raphael said the initial adoption of DarioHealth's Blood Glucose Monitor platform by the clinical side of the industry would broaden the company's revenue stream beyond the device and strip business. 

Melane LaBelle Sampson