Catasys in OnTrak pact with Optima Health in Virginia


Catasys (NASDAQ:CATS) entered into an agreement with Optima Health to provide its OnTrak solution to eligible commercial members in Virginia, with a launch expected in the second quarter of 2019.

Catasys applies advanced data analytics and predictive modeling to identify health plan members with unaddressed behavioral health conditions, whether diagnosed or not, that worsen chronic medical conditions. Catasys engages with these members, who do not typically seek healthcare, to deliver the OnTrak solution.

OnTrak is an integrated suite of services that includes care coaching, evidence-based psychosocial and medical interventions delivered either in-person or via telehealth, digital support and in-market community care coordinators. The program is design to improve member health, resulting in decreases in total healthcare costs.

“By partnering with Catasys, we will be able to offer an additional level of care to our members, particularly members with diagnoses that often go untreated,” Dr. Thomas Lundquist, CMO of Optima Health, said in a statement.

Rick Anderson, president and COO of Catasys, said the company has the potential to leverage its existing operations to quickly start providing services to the Optima Health members in need.

Abby Hardy