Titan Pharma’s Probuphine implant to treat OUD continues to gain national media attention


Channel 8’s Daytime aired nationally an interview with two senior executives of Titan Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:TTNP) – Dane Hallberg, EVP and chief commercial officer, and Dr. Kate DeVarney, EVP and chief scientific officer - about the opioid crisis in America, which is killing 100 people a day, and the company’s six-month Probuphine implant of the drug, buprenorphine, to treat opioid use disorder and addiction.

Dr. DeVarney said Probuphine is a “game changer” because it takes away a patient’s withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Studies have shown that the longer a patient can stay in treatment, the better the outcome. “Keeping a patient in a continuous state of treatment for six months, lowers the risk of relapse and overdose, and is a benefit,” she added.

Mr. Hallberg said Probuphine is readily available through the company’s specialty pharmacy partners and trained physicians, and is widely reimbursed by insurance companies.

The interview can be accessed here.

Abby Hardy