IntelGenx among few Quebec companies leading cannabis edibles market


An article recently published in La Presse highlighted Montreal’s IntelGenx (OTCQX:IGXT;TSXV:IGX) as one of the few Quebec-based companies at the forefront of the cannabis edibles market.

Of some 150 Health Canada licensed cultivators, processors and sellers of cannabis, only 12 are based in Quebec. Of these, IntelGenx is one of a few companies poised to take advantage of the legalization of cannabis edibles, extracts and topical creams expected in October.

The article quotes IntelGenx’s executive VP, André Godin, who says, “in the cannabis sector, there will be a lot of competition in beverages, jujubes and chocolate. We will have a unique product.”

IntelGenx specializes in the development of pharmaceutical oral films, with various patents protecting its platform technology, VersaFilm. IntelGenx originally developed a cannabis-infused oral film some 10 years ago, but did not pursue commercialization due to several regulatory and political obstacles.

Now, IntelGenx is developing its cannabis-infused oral film product under its exclusive, worldwide partnership with Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY). "The advantage is the portability and the discretion of the product. You can put it in your wallet, it's sugar free and calorie free," Nadine Paiement, IntelGenx’s VP research and development, said in the article.

IntelGenx will manufacture its cannabis-infused oral film at its Health Canada licensed and GMP compliant facility, which is capable of producing more than 250 million of these films per year. IntelGenx and Tilray plan to commercialize their co-developed cannabis-infused oral film products in late-2019.

The La Presse article can be accessed here.

Abby Hardy