Genetic Technologies validates two cancer risk assessment tests

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Genetic Technologies (ASX:GTC; NASDAQ:GENE) has validated risk assessment tests for colorectal cancer in individuals with no known pathogenic gene variant, and for breast cancer in individuals who do not have a family history of the disease.

The risk assessment tests provide a five-year, ten-year and lifetime risk of developing colon cancer; and a five-year and lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.

The colorectal cancer risk assessment test is based on single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), which are DNA variations that each contribute a small risk to developing the disease. The test analyzes an individual’s DNA for more than 40 SNPs clinically validated to be associated with colorectal cancer.

The breast cancer risk assessment test is based on genetic markers associated with non-familial and sporadic breast cancers.

“Genetic Technologies’ proactive approach to disease management has the potential to save both lives and money by allowing the earlier detection of disease and focusing the use of limited healthcare resources to those most in need,” Dr. Paul Kasian, chairman and acting CEO, said in a statement.

Genetic Technologies plans to commercialize these genetic tests to healthcare providers using a global network of distribution partners.

Abby Hardy