Biocept launches liquid biopsy lung cancer test


Biocept (NASDAQ:BIOC) launched its multi-gene liquid biopsy panel for the detection of biomarkers associated with lung cancer.

The difficulty of obtaining lung tissue samples from patients has previously limited access to lung cancer molecular profiling, however, Biocept’s panel can identify a range of biomarkers in circulating tumor cells and plasma using only a blood sample.

“This new solution makes Biocept the only commercial liquid biopsy company that can offer customers the flexibility to order either a customized single biomarker assay or a larger next generation sequencing-based liquid biopsy test panel for use when more comprehensive testing is desired,” Michael Nall, Biocept's president and CEO, said in a statement.

Based on the National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines of clinically actionable cancer biomarkers, Biocept’s panel currently offers tests for 18 biomarkers, most of which may indicate treatment with currently available targeted therapies.

Michelle Carr