Scientus Pharma receives Health Canada approval to sell cannabis oils and capsules


Closely-held Scientus Pharma received authorization under Health Canada’s cannabis regulations for the sale of cannabis oils and capsules for medical purposes. The company previously obtained its Health Canada license to sell dried cannabis.

In a statement, Scientus said existing industry extraction methods achieve between zero and 95% cannabinoid activation in a process known as decarboxylation. In contrast, Scientus’ technology platform enables it to consistently achieve greater than 99.5% activation of the medicinal components of the cannabis plant, including CBD and THC.

Har Grover, chairman and CEO, said that “obtaining approval to sell cannabis oils and capsules is one of our most significant milestones to date. It is critical to our strategy of commercializing cannabis derivatives that are manufactured using our ground-breaking, patented extraction technology."

“We’re delivering a superior medical cannabis product, so patients and Health Care Providers can be confident that they are getting the same predictable outcome with every capsule,” added Mr. Grover.

Scientus Pharma’s fully decarboxylated oils and capsules, branded Medisenol, will begin shipping in four-to-six weeks.

Jennifer Poland