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Stifel downgrades Tandem Diabetes to hold

Stifel downgraded Tandem Diabetes (NASDAQ:TNDM) to “hold” from “buy” and slashed its price target to $3.50 from $15 after a more disappointing than expected third quarter earnings performance and now sharply lower implied fourth guidance. The stock closed at $5.35 on Tuesday.

“Multiple factors driving increased near-term uncertainty are making Tandem highly difficult to model,” writes analyst Rick Wise, “The most significant and most incremental headwind is the much larger than anticipated negative impact the MDT 630/670G product launch/approval is having on the market.”

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Tandem expands pediatric indication of insulin pump

Tandem Diabetes Care (NASDAQ:TNDM) received FDA clearance of an expanded pediatric indication for the t:slim Insulin Pump, lowering its use to children age 6 and older from children age 12 and older.

The t:slim Pump is the first and only touchscreen insulin pump cleared by the FDA. The expanded pediatric indication applies to the current t:slim pump features, with no changes to the existing user interface.

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Dipexium, Tandem Diabetes make Feltl Best Ideas list

Dipexium Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:DPRX) and Tandem Diabetes (NASDAQ:TNDM) have made Feltl & Co.’s Best Ideas list for the second half this year.

Analyst Ben Haynor writes that top-line data for Dipexium’s two Phase 3 studies should be released in the next six-to-10 weeks, “which we believe will be positive,” based on trials conducted by Magainin Pharmaceuticals in the late 1990s and the design of Dipexium’s studies, which compare Locilex versus placebo cream.

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