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Benefits of Titan’s Probuphine featured in DDBN

Drug Deliver Business News has carried an article about Titan Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:TTNP) and its Probuphine implant, the first marketed product to provide maintenance treatment for opioid addiction continuously for six months following a single administration procedure.

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Titan’s Probuphine featured at ISAM meeting

Titan Pharmaceuticals’ (NASDAQ:TTNP) Probuphine implant and marketing partner, closely-held Braeburn Pharmaceuticals, were featured in three presentations at the International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM) annual meeting in Montreal last week.

Probuphine, a subdermal implant of buprenorphine, is the first commercially available six-month maintenance treatment for opioid dependence. The FDA approved Probuphine in May.

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Buprenorphine patient limit raised to 275

The Obama Administration will raise to 275 from 100 the limit on the number of patients with opioid addiction that certain physicians can treat with buprenorphine.

The move was part of several announced by the administration as part of an effort to stem the opioid abuse epidemic that is killing nearly 80 people from overdoses every day.

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Opioid addiction treatment continues to grab headlines

An article in the latest issue of Guernica, a magazine of art and politics, details the plight of doctors prescribing buprenorphine, a medication for the treatment of opiate addiction.

Unlike methadone, buprenorphine was approved for use in a general office setting. A doctor can apply to get a waiver to prescribe buprenorphine and treat someone suffering with addiction. However, there are severe restrictions on the availability of the medication.

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