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StemCells and Microbot Medical to merge

StemCells (NASDAQ:STEM) and closely-held Microbot Medical of Israel have entered into a definitive merger agreement, with plans to pursue the development of robotics-based medical devices for the treatment of cerebrospinal fluid and gastrointestinal disorders, as well as other conditions.

“This transaction concludes an extensive search for strategic alternatives conducted by StemCells since we failed to see robust clinical results in our Phase 2 clinical study of human neural stem cells in chronic spinal cord injury,” Ian Massey, CEO of StemCells, said in a statement.

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ContraVir Pharma to merge with Ciclofilin Pharma

ContraVir Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:CTRV) has entered into a definitive merger agreement with closely-held Ciclofilin Pharmaceuticals.

Under the accord, ContraVir will acquire all of the outstanding equity interests in Ciclofilin for the right to receive future milestone payments, which will be allocated among the holders of Ciclofilin common stock.

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