Frequently Asked Questions

How many views does your newsletter reach?

The number is growing every day, but the e-letter version of BioTuesdays is distributed to more than 4,800 subscribers. In addition, the BioTuesdays website attracts thousands of unique visitors each week.

Who is your audience?

Our readership can be broken down as follows (all percentages approximate):

  • 35% individual investors

  • 25% institutional investors

  • 15% sell-side (bankers, salepeople, and analysts)

  • 15% big pharma/industry BD

  • 5% academia/government

  • 3% media; 2% other/unknown

Geographically, the split is approximately 80% U.S. and 20% ROW

What is the cost to be featured on BioTuesdays?

There are no costs or strings attached to our features. BioTuesdays is an independent, industry news source that offers free publicity in the form of compelling, fact-based and impartial healthcare industry news stories. It is a platform to share innovative technologies and informative healthcare investment stories.

What kind of companies do you feature?

We have four main criteria:

  1. The company must be in the healthcare space
  2. Public companies that generally have a market cap of $10 million - $1 billion
  3. We try not to feature more than one private company per month
  4. We don’t feature competing companies (e.g. two biotech companies targeting breast cancer) in the same month

What information do we need to provide to be featured?

Generally, we schedule a telephone interview between our Editor, and the CEO of the company to be featured.  The interview is structured around your corporate presentation along with some questions and answers. This is a chance for you to tell the company’s story.

Before the feature is published, your team reviews for accuracy and then we would include the feature in one of our weekly BioTuesdays releases. 

How long does the phone interview take?

The interview takes roughly 30 minutes to an hour