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In conversation with Geoffrey Hamilton-Fairley

As CEO of closely-held Oncimmune, an early cancer diagnostic company in Britain, Geoffrey Hamilton-Fairley has had a personal commitment to cancer detection. His father was the first medical oncologist in the UK and an original adopter of chemotherapy. Early on, Mr. Hamilton-Fairley chose a different career path, even though he obtained an Honors degree in human biology at university. He became a serial entrepreneur and in 1982, founded a number of companies in Britain’s media sector. Over the past 10 years, though, he has increasingly focused on the health care sector, and has dedicated almost all of his time in the past five years to the development of Oncimmune. In this interview with, Mr. Hamilton-Fairley discusses the company’s EarlyCDT platform technology, its lead product for the early detection of lung cancer, pipeline projects and early results from the largest National Health Service study of lung cancer screening, which is using Oncimmune’s EarlyCDT-Lung blood test.

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