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Microbix in talks with investors for Kinlytic relaunch

Following a meeting with the FDA last month, Microbix Biosystems (TSX:MBX) is entertaining expressions of interest from potential partners to license or acquire its anti-clotting urokinase drug, which has been rebranded as Kinlytic, and also provide funding for its re-launch in the U.S. market.

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Microbix validating new virology production process

Microbix Biosystems (TSX:MBX) is validating a new bioreactor manufacturing platform for its world-leading line of viral and bacterial antigens and other virology products ahead of a full roll-out to customers towards the end of 2016.

“Once the new platform is fully implemented, it will reduce our manufacturing costs, greatly expand our available capacity and improve our carbon footprint,” president and CEO, Vaughn Embro-Pantalony, says in an interview with

Antigens are the key reactive components used in diagnostic tests and vaccine research. Microbix was founded in 1988 around the virology business, culturing and purifying antigens for use in research, diagnostic testing, and vaccine development.

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