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In conversation with Hrishikesh Suresh of NeuroGate

As CEO and one of three co-founders of upstart NeuroGate, Hrishikesh Suresh currently is completing his final year as a medical student at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and plans to pursue a six-year residency in neurosurgery. But since the age of 12, he has had a passion for computer coding and, as a result, contributed to the company’s software development, which aims to capture motion data as a method to diagnose neurodegenerative diseases...

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BioTime leading advances in regenerative medicine

BioTime (NYSE MKT, TASE:BTX) has multiple data milestones scheduled this year in its two lead regenerative medicine programs: OpRegen in dry AMD and Renevia in facial aesthetics.

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Mesoblast developing multiple cell-based products

Mesoblast (NASDAQ:MESO; ASX:MSB) has leveraged its proprietary technology platform, which is based on specialized cells known as mesenchymal lineage adult stem cells (MLCs), to establish a broad portfolio of late-stage product candidates.

“This technology has the potential to target advanced stages of diseases, with high, unmet medical needs, including cardiovascular conditions, orthopedic disorders, immunologic and inflammatory disorders and oncologic/hematologic conditions,” CEO and managing director, Dr. Silviu Itescu, says in an interview with

Dr. Itescu explains Mesoblast’s MLCs are rare cells and central to blood vessel maintenance, repair and regeneration, largely via secretion of growth factors, which act on neighboring endothelial cells to promote blood vessel regeneration and function.

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Fibrocell translating personalized biologics into medical breakthroughs

Fibrocell Science (NASDAQ:FCSC) is developing a pipeline of cell and gene therapies for localized treatment of connective tissue and joint diseases using autologous fibroblasts to deliver a targeted gene.

“Our personalized biologics approach represents a dynamic new dimension to the field of cell therapy and regenerative medicine, aimed at treating the underlying cause of disease by extracting cells from skin to create localized therapies that are compatible with the unique biology of each patient,” David Pernock, chairman and CEO, says in an interview with

“We believe 2016 will be a breakthrough year for us in four major disease areas in connective tissue and joints,” he adds.

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Synergy Disc Replacement sets global sales plan

After an initial market launch of its revolutionary SYNERGY DISC that exceeded expectations in Germany last year, closely-held Synergy Disc Replacement Inc. (SDRI) is planning to expand distribution aggressively in Europe, Asia Pacific and other parts of the world.

“We are also in the early stages of developing our U.S. regulatory strategy to gain FDA approval for the SYNERGY DISC,” CEO, Devesh Menawat, says in an interview with

Cervical disc replacement is the fastest growing segment in the spinal care market as degenerative disc disease universally affects people as they age. An estimated 51% of the population experiences disc degeneration, which can lead to severe pain in the neck and arms, and to spinal compression.

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