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EyeGate developing non-invasive ophthalmic treatments

EyeGate Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:EYEG) is developing a non-invasive drug delivery platform that uses an electrical process, known as iontophoresis, to deliver a corticosteroid to the front-and back-of-the-eye for the treatment of ophthalmic conditions, such as anterior uveitis, macular edema and post-cataract surgery inflammation.

“Our EyeGate II Delivery System addresses two of the most prevalent issues in ophthalmic care: the existing lack of patient compliance with eye drops and patient safety from the use of intravitreal injections,” president and CEO, Stephen From, says in an interview with

EyeGate, which went public 11 months ago, signed an exclusive, worldwide licensing agreement last summer with the Bausch & Lomb subsidiary of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International (NYSE, TSX:VRX) for its EGP-437 corticosteroid in the field of uveitis, as well as a right of last negotiation to license the product for other indications.

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M Pharma advancing technologies for obesity and diabetes

M Pharmaceutical (OTCQB:MPHMF; CSE:MQ; FWB:T3F1.F) is advancing a family of biomedical technologies to manage obesity – TriMeo and TriMtec – and eMosquito to manage diabetes.

“All three of our technologies represent a spectrum of solutions with reduced invasiveness and enhanced effectiveness than currently available approved solutions,” Dr. Martin Mintchev, president and CEO, says in an interview with

M Pharma’s TriMeo is a drug-free, weight loss capsule, TriMtec is a laparoscopically implantable gastric stimulation system and eMosquito is a blood glucose monitor worn like a bracelet.

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