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In conversation with John Gannon of TempTraq

As president and CEO of closely-held Blue Spark Technologies and co-inventor of its newest product, TempTraq, John Gannon’s career has stretched from the aerospace industry to Wall Street, culminating in 2011 with this developer of thin, flexible printed batteries built on IP from Eveready Battery, now Energizer. He has worked as an engineer in GE’s Astro-Space division and in currency derivatives with Merrill Lynch in New York and Barclays Capital in London...

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In conversation with Dr. Paul Lem

As CEO and a co-founder of Spartan Bioscience, Dr. Paul Lem has led the closely-held company through FDA and Health Canada approval of the Spartan RX CYP2C19 System, a breakthrough technology that provides fast and inexpensive sample-to-result DNA testing. One-in-three people carry genetic mutations and carrying a CYP2C19 mutation can impair drug metabolism. Some 15% of all prescribed drugs are metabolized by CYP2C19 enzymes, including anti-platelet drugs, anti-depressants and proton pump inhibitors. In May, the company introduced the Spartan Cube, the world’s smallest commercial molecular diagnostics device that enables unprecedented portability and convenience. In this interview with, Dr. Lem discusses the thinking behind the Spartan Cube, its benefits and potential for home use.

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