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PureTech targeting dysfunctions in brain, gut, immune system

With eight clinical-stage studies underway, including two pivotal trials expected to readout later this year, PureTech Health (LSE:PRTC) is taking a novel approach to drug development, targeting serious diseases caused by dysfunctions in the brain, gut and immune system.

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In conversation with John Gannon of TempTraq

As president and CEO of closely-held Blue Spark Technologies and co-inventor of its newest product, TempTraq, John Gannon’s career has stretched from the aerospace industry to Wall Street, culminating in 2011 with this developer of thin, flexible printed batteries built on IP from Eveready Battery, now Energizer. He has worked as an engineer in GE’s Astro-Space division and in currency derivatives with Merrill Lynch in New York and Barclays Capital in London...

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Histogenics to complete Phase 3 enrollment in Q2

Histogenics (NASDAQ:HSGX) expects to complete enrollment by the end of the second quarter this year in a Phase 3 clinical trial of its NeoCart biologic cell therapy and tissue engineering solution for knee cartilage regeneration.

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In conversation with Amir Ronen

As a founding member of closely-held Sensible Medical Innovations, Amir Ronen also has held the title of CEO since the company’s inception in late 2007. Mr. Ronen has over 15 years of experience in senior management roles at leading global companies, including VP of marketing and business development at M-Systems, which was acquired by Sandisk; as a senior strategic planning manager at Intel; and as VP of strategic alliances at Saifun, which was acquired by Spansion. In this interview with, Mr. Ronen discusses the company’s solution for managing and reducing readmissions of patients with heart failure – a novel sensor, used once a day for 90 seconds, to provide an accurate measurement of lung fluid content.

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In conversation with Dr. Alan Schwebel

As president and CEO of BioView (TASE:BIOV), Dr. Alan Schwebel has led the company, a world leader in automated fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) cell imaging and analysis, since 2009. Dr. Schwebel, who has more than 30 years of experience in senior management positions in leading medical device and medical diagnostic companies, joined BioView in 2002 as VP of sales and marketing. In this interview with, he discusses the company’s cutting-edge technology, exclusive worldwide distribution and development agreements with Abbott Molecular and a new lung cancer diagnostic test.

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